This car is being modified from the audio equipment to the tires, we are looking for quality products to enhance our travels across this great land. The removable top was a must for a car that only comes with a hard-top and a convertible. Why a targa-style top? Where did all the removable tops and t-tops go?? You can't beat the sights, smells, and wind blowing in your hair. Yes, a roadster/convertible can do all of that with ease, but it would not be as secure as a hard removable top, and sorry, but in our opinion a targa-style top looks sleek and sexy with the top on or off.
~Owner - Dean


World's first....
Nissan 370z with a
custom targa-type top



~ CONFIRMED! Metra Electronics is allowing us to be their Featured Vehicle in SEMA in Las Vegas in November of 2010!

~ The very first event will be the unveiling of this new Removable Top at ZNationals, in Carrollton, GA. Modified Magazine, Nissan Sport Magazine, and Down Shift Magazine are sponsors and will be covering the entire event.



STILLEN heard about us through the forum. We told them we had planned, and they liked what we had to say. We welcome them to the rest of our family. UpRev is the supercharger's tuning software, so they also joined.

The Powdercoater Mike knew about our Top Gone and wanted to participate. By being a partial sponsor, he wanted to powdercoat some of our items.

Forged Specialties contacted us to display their prototype wheels they will be putting into production soon. These wheels are so new, they have not named them as of today. We are honored to show the new wheels and have some fun doing so.

ZNationals was a lot of fun. The Top Gone total project was only 40% completed, and there still is a lot of work to do before SEMA. We had just enough to make an appearance at ZNationals. This was our first show, and first time driving Top Gone It was a fantastic ride. Even though our car did not win any awards, we must admit there were some extremely nice competition at the show. Congratulations to all - you deserve it!

Getting ready for ZNationals! Diving to Carrollton, GA to drive in our Nissan custom terga-style top for the first time. We are so excited.

, here we come!!! Scheduled with Donna with SEMA Show operations.

Metra Electronics and !!! See Schedule.

Confirmed partial sponsorship with Metra Electronics and Vibe Audio.

Z1 Motorsports delivered our Z to Revolution Kustomz. We paid our first installment to them, and they began working immediately - the same day!


We dropped the 370z off at Z1 Motorsports for terga-style top modifications.

Our new 2009 Chicane Yellow 370z, fully loaded, with 42 miles, was purchased on this day from a Nissan Dealership in North Carolina.

Memorial Day started our venture with the terga-style top and we did not know it. Our previous Z, a 1991 300zx twin turbo, was totaled. All though no one was seriously injured, we were now without a Z car.
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